Group Benefits
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Group benefits are important elements of an employment package. Recruiting and keeping valuable employees is key to your company’s success. You do not want to lose or miss out on great talent because a competitor offers a better benefits plan. In these tough economic times, you want to be sure that you optimize every benefit dollar.

Opolsky Louis Insurance Advantages

What are the advantages of the Opolsky Louis Insurance team assisting you in managing and streamlining your plan, or establishing a new benefits program?
For current benefit packages, we will determine the following:

  • Are you paying too much for your plan?
    We analyze premium metrics to ascertain this. If we find that the premiums are too high, our aim is to maintain the plan with the carrier and negotiate better terms. If the carrier does not budge, we will assist you to move to another insurer.
  • Are you experiencing high renewal rates?
    We diagnose and analyze why and look at options to mitigate these.
  • Is your plan competitive for your sector, e.g., a wellness plans, Virtual Doctor?
  • If employees pay a portion, we ascertain that it is structured so that they are not penalized if they have a disability or critical illness claim.
  • Is your long-term disability plan set up properly?
    With over 35 years of expertise in Group Long Term Disability insurance we find that this is one area greatly misunderstood by most advisors
  • Does your insurer offer a great platform for ease of payment and claims?
    Our clients appreciate that the insurers we work with offer these platforms.
  • Do you qualify for our exclusive and premium HR information system (HRIS)?
    It seamlessly flows new hires into the benefits program. It allows for leave management and a multitude of management reports with 1 click.

No Plan? Our goal is to help you structure a cost-effective program appropriate for your industry and easy to use for you and your staff.

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