Testimonials From Lawyers

Mary Fraizinger | Toronto, ON

Dear Gary:

I would like to thank you for your guidance in planning for disability insurance and group benefits for our firm.

In 2004 you assisted us in implementing a disability insurance program. Like many other mid-sized law firms, we did not provide any individual or group disability insurance for the partners. Each partner was expected to arrange his/her own disability insurance.

After you interviewed about 50% of our lawyers you reported that only a small portion of those individuals had any insurance in force.

You recommended a firm program whereby each partner and associate would receive a policy without being required to provide any medical evidence. In addition, it would come with a large discount from what they were able to arrange on their own. On the strength of your findings, we made a decision to structure a mandatory plan for all of the lawyers in the firm. We, now, have a level of comfort that our partners and associates have a top quality disability insurance plan.

In 2008 we appointed your firm to look after all of the group benefits. You saved us more than 20% of the original premiums. You were able to take those savings and create a plan with extra benefits. Our employees are very happy with the improvement to their benefits.

The service that we have received from you and your firm has been exemplary and I feel confident that we can expect similar service in the future.

Yours truly,
Mary Fraizinger
Chief Financial Officer
Toronto, ON

Mary Hope | Toronto, ON

Dear Gary:

We take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year.

We also take this opportunity to thank you for your continued dedication and commendable service with respect to our Group Insurance Plan.

You have been excellent at keeping us informed with respect to our options and in responding promptly to all our inquiries. We appreciate the fact that you are concerned regarding the long-term cost effectiveness of our program and have worked hard with myself to ensure that our coverage remains cost effective.

We really appreciate all your professional advice these past ten years and look forward to another great year.

Yours truly,
Mary Hope
Office Director
Toronto, ON

Ronald J. Preyra | Toronto, ON
I met Gary Opolsky over 20 years ago when I was a young lawyer. Having just been married, I was considering my insurance needs in order to protect my wife and our future family. Gary walked me through the differences between term and whole life insurance and spent the time to help me decide what kind of policy and which insurance company was right for me.

Over the years, my insurance needs have changed and Gary has always made himself available to discuss those changes, as well as opportunities, to ensure that my policies were properly balanced and provided the level of protection my family required.

Over the years I have recommended Gary to many of my family and friends as I know that he is both knowledgeable and trustworthy. In 2009 I joined my present law firm and I asked Gary to assist me in reviewing the firm’s life and disability plans for both our partners and staff. Gary was able to help us to increase the scope of our benefit plan and, in the process, was able to save us a considerable amount in premiums.

Since that time Gary has been our go-to expert for all our disability insurance needs including the many coverage questions that we had due to the COVID-19 crisis. He was able to confirm that we were protected which helped to ease our minds during a very stressful time. He has consistently been available to myself and my firm and has always provided me with sound advice.

Over the years Gary and his team at Opolsky Lewis have earned our loyalty and our appreciation. He is and will continue to be our best resource for all our life and disability insurance needs and I would recommend him unreservedly.

Yours truly,
Ronald J. Preyra
Managing Partner
Bergmanis, Preyra, LLP
Toronto, ON

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