Testimonials From Doctors

Dr. Howard Stevens | Etobicoke, ON

Dear Gary:

Just a short note to thank you on behalf of my partners and myself for the excellent advice you provided us with respect to reviewing parts of our partnership agreement that relate to insurance.

When one of our partners was partially disabled the OMA did not reimburse any of the expenses. We realized that private insurance which would provide for partial benefits would help any of us avoid a repeat of this situation. We appreciate your help and guidance in arranging these policies.

Yours truly,
Dr. Howard Stevens
Etobicoke, ON

Dr. Galina Mohebat, D.D.S. | Toronto, ON

Dear Gary:

Recently I put in a claim for disability insurance benefits. You’ve asked me to relate my experience so that you could share it with others.

First off, I want to thank you personally for your foresight in structuring a package that really suited my needs. Secondly, your guidance, assistance and understanding of the claims process made that experience virtually painless. I appreciate the time you spent with me in answering my queries and meeting with me to go over filling out the claim form.

Thirdly, I was delighted with the speed and efficiency in which the claim was handled. The cheques arrived a few weeks after I submitted the claim. They were in the right amount and I was not hassled at all by anyone from the insurance company. What a pleasure!

I have to admit that being disabled is no fun. If I had stayed with my previous disability program I would not have had someone like you to rely on, and I am not sure if I would’ve ever been able to claim, given the definitions with the former plan.

Again, thank you. I totally endorse you and feel that every professional should have you as their insurance advisor.

Yours very truly,
Dr. Galina Mohebat, D.D.S.
Toronto, ON

Howard Jacobs, M.D. | North York, ON

Dear Gary:

I wanted to thank you for your help and guidance with respect to my recent disability insurance claim.

When we met 10 years ago you made two points which I distinctly remember. The first was that I should buy the best quality disability package I could get. Second was the need for me to have a professional advisor who would make sure that I kept my coverage up to date and would be there to help at claim time. Like most doctors I doubted that I’d ever need your help. I admit that I was totally wrong.

In September 2000 I found out that I had to have some radical radiation therapy. It was going to impact on my ability to work full-time for a number of months. I was concerned about my potential loss of income. I contacted your immediately. The

first thing you did was to set my mind at ease by telling me how the process worked, and how much money I would receive. A few weeks after the therapy, we met and you assisted me in completing the claim form, and you even sent it in to the insurer, Unum.

About one month later you called me to see how I was doing and whether I had received a cheque. I told you that money was starting to get a bit tight and that I was concerned because I had just spoken to a claims adjuster. He was just started to review the case and could not tell me when he’d send out the cheques. You said that this was unacceptable and asked me to give you a few days to take care of it. About three days later I received full payment due to me.

Except for the initial slowness of the claim processing, Unum lived up to its billing as a quality insurer. More important for me was my decision to have you as my insurance advisor. You were worth your weight in gold. Private insurance is more expensive than the OMA but having an advocate on my side to deal effectively with the insurer was well worth the extra premium.

If anyone is procrastinating about getting this type of insurance or is unsure whether you should be the advisor of choice, tell him or her to call me. I’ll set them straight.

You are a miracle worker. Thanks once again for your support.

Yours truly,
Howard Jacobs, M.D.
North York, ON
(416) 221-9262

Mary Hope | Toronto, ON

Dear Gary:

The management of the clinic and I would like to thank you for assisting us with our group benefits.

For many years you have been advising the doctors here regarding personal disability and life insurance. Given that positive experience we were willing to give your Benefits Group the opportunity to review our plan and we are pleased that we did.

First off, they went to the market and discovered that we were overpaying by 15- 20%. They then contacted our current provider with these results and negotiated a similar reduction in cost. This avoided the administrative headache of new forms, booklets, etc. In addition, your firm pointed out there was an over-billing error on our premium statement. The insurer agreed and has reimbursed us for that oversight.

Your group also came up with some excellent low cost benefits for us to consider.

We are very happy to be working with you. We feel that you will be able to help us shape our plans going forward, and make sure that we take proactive steps to control our costs in the future.

Yours truly,
Pankaj Sharma
Toronto, ON

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